Dyna Nordic

DynaNordic AB is a new sales-company especially for the Scandinavian countries and Baltic states. DynaNordic develops and markets a broad range of fastener concepts. The main product is our DynaNordic Shop Concept. This is a total-solution in fasteners for Scandinavian hardware shops. A complete range of fasteners and fixings for the Scandinavian market, packed in nice looking and smart packaging.

The Top brand screws for the Professional crafstman. It's divided into three catagories: Indoor screws, Outdoor screws and Construction screws. Each catagory has its own colour which is used on the labels and PI-material & marketing. In this case Yellow, Green and Orange.

A wide range of high quality fasteners. In this range there are two catagories: Construction (Orange) and Bolts & Nuts (Blue).

The name already describes what you can find in this catagory: Fixings. A balanced assortment of anchors and lightweight fixings. Purple is the colour of this group.

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